Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program


Eligible applicants

  • not-for-profit organizations such as charities, activity clubs, volunteer organizations, professional associations, museums, churches or faith-based associations or in some cases, sports associations
  • coalitions, networks and ad hoc committees
  • municipal governments
  • research organizations and institutes
  • educational institutions such as universities, colleges, CEGEPs, school boards/school districts
  • public health and social service institutions
  • Indigenous organizations including band councils, tribal councils and self-government entities
  • for-profit enterprises (provided that the nature and intent of the proposed activity are non-commercial, not intended to generate profit, and supports program objectives

Accepting Applications: May 7-June 15, 2018

Eligible funding request: up to a maximum of $25,000

Eligible projects:

In order to be eligible, project must be led by seniors, or seniors must play a meaningful role in the project (planning and/or delivery). Applicants are encouraged to work with other partners in their community to identify local needs and to design projects that respond to these needs. The NHSP seeks to fund programs or projects that:

  • are seniors' led or inspired. Seniors must also be involved in the project’s development and/or implementation in a meaningful way. The role of seniors is a key element when NHSP projects are being considered for funding. It is not enough that an organization proposes to carry out an activity and then recruits seniors to take part in it. Consulting with seniors to develop a project of benefit to them is also not sufficient.
  • benefit a broad clientele
  • propose activities that address an identified need or an area of concern within the community
  • strive to have a lasting impact on communities
  • involve collaboration and partnerships
  • use resources efficiently and effectively
  • occur within a 12-month (52-week) period. NHSP only funds projects that will be completed within this time frame.
  • support at least one of the program objectives. For those projects that primarily meet the fifth objective (Question 44), projects must involve programs or activities not already carried out by your organization or that are at risk of not continuing should the renovation and/or equipment purchase not be funded.

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