areaEElectoral Area E
(Francois/Ootsa Lake Rural)

Electoral Area E (Francois/Ootsa Lake Rural) is the rural area south of the Village of Burns Lake.  The unincorporated communities within the area are Francois Lake, Noralee, Grassy Plains, Ootsa Lake, Southbank, Danskin, Wisteria, and Takysie Lake. Electoral Area E is unique in that there is no municipality within its borders.  The forestry, agriculture and tourism sectors are the major industries in the area.  The Francois Lake Forester, owned and operated by Waterbridge Equipment Ltd., is a free ferry that is the connector for the southside of Francois Lake.  Capable of transporting up to eight loaded logging trucks, the Forester is a key infrastructure component in Electoral Area E.  The north shore community of Francois Lake is an agricultural community with acres of hay land and several cattle ranches.


Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Elected Representative

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Director Clint Lambert
Phone: (250) 694-3811

37 3rd Avenue
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0
Phone: (250) 692 -3195
Toll Free: 1-800-320-3339
Fax: (250) 692-3305

Burns Lake and Surrounding Area Profile

Electoral Area E (Francois/Ootsa Lake Rural) Population: 1,512
*2021 Census Data

Electoral Area E (Francois/Ootsa Lake Rural)

Northern Boundary (Hwy 16):
  • Near the top of Hopper's Hill
    About 1 km south of Gilgan Road
    About 1 km north of Bald Hill Road
Northeastern Boundary (Hwy 16):
  • Near the top of Priestly Hill
    At the junction of the Tercer Forest Service Road
Eastern Boundary (Hwy 16):
  • About 3.2 km east of Butler Road
    About 9 km west of Coray Subdivision
Western Boundary (Morice-Owen Forest Service Road)
  • At the end of Owen Lake
    About 5.5 km north of Owen Lake Road



Local services provided by the RDBN in Electoral Area E (Francois/Ootsa Lake Rural)

Feasibility Studies
Building Numbering
Development Services
Economic Development
Electoral Area Planning
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Services
Weed Control
General Government Services
Liquid/Solid Waste Disposal
Baker Airport
Burns Lake Arena
Pump and Haul Sewer Disposal
Burns Lake Public Library
Burns Lake Museum
Rural Fire Protection
Television Rebroadcasting
Rural Government Services
Emergency Services
Emergency Response