energyEfficiencyProgramThe Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako has access to a funding program called Federal Gas Tax Fund. This funding program has been made available by the Government of Canada and can be used for infrastructure projects that support productivity and economic growth, a clean environment, and strong cities and communities (hereinafter referred to as the "criteria").

The project must be for public infrastructure which provides a public use and benefit component. The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed project meets this requirement.

The Regional District Board of Directors will consider funding applications from registered non-profit societies and municipalities operating within our Regional District boundaries for projects meeting the aforementioned criteria.

Download Federal Gas Tax Funding Information


The application process includes the following

  1. Provide the Finance/Administration Coordinator with a project description. The Coordinator will review the project and work with the organization to determine eligibility (including status as a non-profit society, ownership of the property, if the criteria has been met, project category and eligibility of expenditures, etc.
  2. Discuss the project with the Electoral Area Director.
  3. Submit a completed application form and all required attachments. The application will be reviewed and considered at a future Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Board meeting.
  4. If approved, the applicant will be required to sign a funding contract with the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako and submit further required documentation prior to receiving funding for the project.

This documentation is for information purposes only and does not represent a funding commitment by the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako. Further, if your application is approved for funding, this document does not limit the requirements of your Society as detailed in the Federal Gas Tax Funding Contract with the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako.

If you have any further questions regarding the Federal Gas Tax Fund please contact the Finance/Administration Coordinator, Kristi Rensby at (250) 692-3195 or email:


2015 Commitments

  • Music Makers of Fort St James – Energy Efficiency Upgrade and Cultural Infrastructure Improvement - $25,980
  • St Paul’s United Church – Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $22,900
  • Vanderhoof Gospel Chapel – Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $98,000
  • Bulkley Valley Regional Pool - Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $9,916.20
  • Nechako Valley Search & Rescue - Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $63,984
  • Lakes District Fair Association – Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $18,463
  • Nechako Valley Sporting Association - Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $63,663
  • Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre - Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $45,000
  • Francois-Tchesinkut Recreation Commission – Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $23,016
  • Lakes District Airport – Airport Infrastructure - $275,000
  • Village of Burns Lake Arena - Energy Efficiency Upgrade and Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $7,500


2014 Commitments

  • Tweedsmuir Recreation Commission - Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $75,000
  • Lakes District Fair Association – Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $30,000
  • Southside Economic Development Association - Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $7,103.89
  • Town of Smithers – Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $15,649.24
  • Tweedsmuir Cavaliers Saddle Club - Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $15,000
  • Glenwood Women’s Institute - Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $109,210
  • Village of Telkwa - Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $100,000
  • Town of Smithers - Recreation Infrastructure Improvement - $250,000
  • Fraser Lake Legion - Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $7,085.16
  • Topley Fire Protection Society - Energy Efficiency Upgrade - $23,064{/mooblock}