Hazard management is an important consideration in this region.  People living in a rural area may be subject to increased risks associated with flooding, wildfire, snowstorms, and loss of access and communications. These risks can be reduced by careful consideration of how land is used and developed.

The Regional District is authorized under the Local Government Act to designate land as a floodplain. Once an area is designated as a floodplain, construction within that area can be required to meet specific elevation and setback requirements. Regional District Floodplain Management Bylaw No. 1300, 2004 was established to reduce or prevent injury or the loss of life, and to minimize property damage, during flood events.


The floodplain mapping used by the Regional District was developed through a joint initiative of the provincial and federal governments. These maps are available from the BC Ministry of Environment Water Stewardship Division.

For Information on how to prepare for a flooding emergency or for information during a flooding event see RDBN Protective Services.