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Fort St. James Rural

Official Community Plan Review

The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako started the process of reviewing the Fort St James Rural Official Community Plan (the Plan) in 2022.  Planning staff have prepared a draft plan informed by input from a working group, the public, First Nations, community organizations and government agencies. 

The OCP draft and associated maps can be found below.

Draft OCP (Schedule A)

Land Use Designation Map 1 of 2 (Schedule B)

Land Use Designation Map 2 of 2 (Schedule B)

Ecological and Wildlife Values Map (Schedule C)

Recreation Values Map (Schedule D)

Over the coming months we will undertake public engagement, including an open house, and will be seeking community input on the proposed plan draft.  

Upcoming public events and consultation opportunities will be advertised on our website, social media and in the Caledonia Courier.


Below is a brief overview of the Fort St James Rural OCP review process. The process to update the OCP is scheduled to be completed in late 2024.Stage Graphic.png

What is an OCP?

An OCP is intended to be the community’s vision for the future development and growth of an area. It also provides guidance on important areas such as housing, climate change and quality of life and is used to guide land use and development decisions.

What does an OCP contain?

  • Areas for development -residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, recreational uses.
  • Hazard lands and sensitive lands.
  • Location and phasing of any major roads and services.
  • Local government targets and policies for environmental sustainability.
  • Locations of public facilities, including schools, parks and waste treatment and disposal sites.
  • Locations of sand and gravel deposits suitable for extraction.
  • Housing policies regarding affordable housing, rental housing and special needs housing.
  • Policies protecting agricultural lands.
  • Targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the area covered by the plan. ​​

Questions an OCP can answer

  • What do we want our community to look like in 5 years? 10 years?
  • How much development is acceptable and how dense should it be?
  • Where should residential, commercial, and other uses be located?
  • What areas and natural features need to be protected from development?

OCP Brochure

More Information

 Click to view the staff report that started the review process 

 Click to view the existing Fort St James Rural OCP (2010) 

 Click to view OCP Land Use Map (1/2) (FSJ Rural - Area C) 

 Click to view OCP Land Use Map (2/2)  

 Click to view OCP Ecological & Wildlife Values Map

If you have any questions regarding the Rural Fort St. James OCP or the review process, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Department at or 250-692-3195 toll free 1-800-320-3339.