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Notification Types

The RDBN issues the following notices should an emergency occur and there is a potential risk to public safety.
Monitor the Regional District’s Emergency Operations Centre Information page or follow Bulkley-Nechako Emergency Information on Facebook for up-to-date information on an emergency.

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Hazard Notices are issued when there is a potential risk to life and health. If you receive a Hazard Notification for your residence, you will be advised of recommended actions to take to prepare your property and your family.

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Evacuation Alerts are issued when there is a potential danger to life and health. It is intended to give you time to prepare yourself and your family to evacuate your premises immediately should it be found necessary. Residents will be given as much advance notice as possible; however, you may receive limited notice due to changing conditions.

It is recommended that you prepare to leave your residence for up to a week. Once an Evacuation Order is in place, you may not be permitted to return to your home.

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Evacuation Orders are issued when there is an immediate danger to life and health. When an Evacuation Order has been issued for your residence, you MUST leave the area immediately. Members of the RCMP or Search & Rescue will be expediting this action. All Minors must be evacuated from Evacuation Order areas. While the Evacuation Order is in effect, you may not be permitted to return to your home until the Evacuation Order has been rescinded. 

There may be situations where there is not enough time to provide an Evacuation Alert or an Evacuation Order, in this case, you will be directed by the response agency to evacuate immediately.

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Evacuation Orders and Evacuation Alerts are removed once there is no longer danger to life and health through the issuing of an Evacuation Order Rescind or an Evacuation Alert Rescind.