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Neighbourhood Emergency Planning Program

The focus of the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako’s (RDBN) is to encourage rural neighbourhoods to develop a Neighbourhood Emergency Plan (NEP) for their area. The RDBN will support the community members by providing the tools to assist them in developing personal and neighbourhood emergency preparedness plans.  The NEP will be managed by the community members and will include specific information regarding how the community will support each other during various types of emergencies.

During an emergency impacting a residential area the RDBN will work with the NEP representatives to ensure clear and efficient communications and understanding the impacts to the area and the residents. The NEP representative may also act as community liaisons to the RDBN’s Emergency Operations Centre and provide support to the residents of the community during an emergency response and recovery.

If your community is interested in acquiring more information on the NEP and what support the RDBN can provide, please call 250-692-3195 or email

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