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DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE BROCHURE DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMITS are required to vary certain regulations of the Zoning Bylaw such as setback requirements.  A permit cannot vary use or density.
TEMPORARY USE PERMIT APPLICATION  TEMPORARY USE PERMIT BROCHURE TEMPORARY USE PERMITS are required to allow temporary uses not permitted within the zoning designation of a property. The purpose of these permits is to provide a streamlined approval process for a temporary use. Proposals for temporary use permits should be clearly temporary in nature and not require a significant capital investment tied to a particular location.
  SPECIAL EVENTS LICENSE APPLICATION  SPECIAL EVENTS LICENSES are required to hold an event on rural property that will likely be attended by more than 1,000 people daily. A license is required to ensure that the event holder will provide adequate health, sanitation, vehicle control, and security for persons attending the event.
  LIQUOR LICENSE POLICY & APPLICATION  LIQUOR LICENSES are issued by the provincial Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB); however, applications for new Liquor Primary Licenses, amendments to Existing Liquor Primary Licenses, new Food Primary Licenses, amendments to Existing Food Primary Licenses, Winery License Endorsements, and amendments to Existing Winery License Endorsements require an RDBN Board resolution in order to proceed.