Rory McKenzie - Director of Environmental Services 

  • Oversees Environmental Services Department
  • Oversees the updating and implementation of Solid Waste Management Plan
  • Engaging in asset management planning and project management activities associated with  solid waste, liquid waste and water supply functions
  • Policy Development
  • Department budget preparation and monitoring
  • Ensures that the joint occupational health and safety committee is in compliance with WCB Regulations
  • Oversees the Environmental Services Deputy Director in management tasks

Janette Derksen - Deputy Director of Environmental Services

  • Acting as assistant to the Director of Environmental Services on all matters relating to Environmental Services including policies, objectives, requirements and programs.  
  • Assist the Director of Environmental Services in the administrative end of the solid waste operations and budgets
  • Manages landfill leachate collection and treatment systems along with septage receiving facilities
  • Manages environmental monitoring programs – groundwater/surface water sampling and reporting
  • Manages the operation of Fort Fraser water and sewer systems
  • Manages recycling  and waste reduction initiatives
  • Invasive plant control
  • Oversees landfill weigh scale operation and programing

Charlie Sherwood - Environmental Services Operations Supervisor

  • Oversees the operation of landfills, transfer stations and waste hauling fleet
  • Assists in the management of the Landfills, transfer station and waste hauling fleet; continuous staff training, equipment repair schedules and safety meetings
  • Assisting in construction and infrastructure projects and planning
  • Site inspections

Elaine Wiebe - Environmental Services Assistant

  • Oversees regional recycling facility contracts and progress reports
  • Waste reduction initiatives
  • Climate Action Charter commitments
  • Assist department in clerical duties and data entry
  • Works with accounts receivable staff with department invoicing 
  • Public Education