Some areas of the Regional District are prone to hazards such as land instability and erosion. Where significant incidences of these hazards have been identified, there have subsequently been geotechnical studies commissioned to determine the scope and severity of the hazard.

Smithers Rural Lower Viewmount Road
Geotechnical Assessment

Smithers Rural Lake Kathlyn Area
Alluvial Fan Study

Smithers Rural
Ebenezer Flats/Kidd Road 

If you suspect that your property may be affected by a land instability hazard, consider hiring a geotechnical engineer to evaluate the site, especially prior to any significant building or landscaping projects. It is critical to manage these hazards through appropriate site investigation, good building practices and professional input.

Erosion from running water or wave action can cause serious property and building damage. Protect shorelines by retaining or replanting native riparian vegetation or consult an expert.

If a hazard is suspected through the course of a Regional District land use application, you may be required to obtain a geotechnical report evaluating the potential hazard.

Geotechnical report guidelines