Release: May 16, 2019                 


Media Contact: Gerry Thiessen, RDBN Board Chair

Rory Mckenzie, Director of Environmental Services Phone: 1-800-320-3339



Burns Lake Transfer Station Expands Services to Accept Recyclable Material

Recycle BC program to accept Packaging and Paper Product transitions to the RDBN

On May 16, 2019 the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN) Board approved entering into a contract with Recycle BC to transfer the Recycle BC depot program from the current depot location run by the Burns Lake Recycling Depot on Park Street to the RDBN Transfer Station site on Babine Lake Road. Residents in Burns Lake and area will be able to take their residential packaging and paper product recyclables to the Burns Lake Transfer Station, without charge, as it continues to work with the Recycle BC network of more than 200 depots.

The Recycling Depot at the Burns Lake Transfer Station will accept all materials in Recycle BC’s residential Packaging and Paper Product Recycling Program, including non-deposit glass bottles and jars, plastic bags and plastic foam packaging, along with recycling materials such as newsprint, cardboard, metal containers, plastic containers, spiral wound cans and paper packaging that held liquid when sold, such as coffee cups and soup cartons, accepted in the curbside program.

The RDBN is set to open the recycling depot at the Burns Lake Transfer Station on June 19, 2019. The new depot will only accept materials dropped off during the recycling depot hours of operation, Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm, closed Statutory holidays. A “Recycling Attendant” will oversee the recycling and reuse programs on site. The RDBN would like to remind the public that the ban on all corrugated cardboard at the regions’ Transfer Stations and Landfills is still in place. All commercial business’s recyclables are not accepted in this Recycle BC program as it is strictly for residential materials.

The RDBN will be changing the layout of the Transfer Station site to accommodate the recycle/reuse area, moving the designated spot for wood waste to the right of the existing metal pile. The reuse shed will remain open, relocating it away from congested traffic to the location selected for the recycling area. Drop off locations for automotive batteries, propane bottles and reuse bays for bikes, lawnmowers, windows and doors will be positioned in this area. Please follow the NEW site signage.

The Burns Lake Recycling Depot on Park Street will continue to accept Return-it Depot materials such as deposit beverage containers, electronics, household batteries, lights and smoke detectors. Please see in store for those details.

Please follow the progress on the RDBN website and “Sustainable RDBN” Facebook page or call 1-800- 320-3339. More information about Recycle BC and its residential packaging and printed paper recycling program, including the full list of materials that are accepted at the depot, are available at