The Administration Department manages the affairs of the Regional District, which involves working closely with the Regional Board, staff, government agencies, and the general public.  Responsibilities include efficient management of all Regional District and Regional Hospital District resources, ensuring appropriate procedures and programs are in place for efficient delivery of services to the public, greeting and directing visitors, assembling and distributing Board and Committee meeting agendas, preparing meeting minutes, drafting bylaws, conducting elections and referenda, and overseeing labour relations and personnel matters.

In addition, administration assists in the development, establishment, and operation of local services.  This includes services which benefit specific areas/communities and which are paid for by the ratepayers within these areas.  Some of the services are fire protection, street lighting, library services, cemetery services, community halls, water systems, and the local grants program.

Administration Department Contacts

Curtis Helgesen - Chief Administrative Officer
Cheryl Anderson - Director of Corporate Services
Wendy Wainwright - Deputy Director of Corporate Services
Anusha Rai - Human Resources Advisor
Justin Greer - First Nations Liaison
Danielle SapachAdministration Clerk