Sheep and Goat Production - BC Min of Ag

Sheep Farm Practices

KPU Enterprise Budget for Lamb in Southwest BC

Goat Farm Practices

KPU Enterprise Budget for Goat Meat in Southwest BC

Care and Handling of Sheep - Code of Practice

Care and Handling of Goats - Code of Practice

Lambing Checklist

Keeping Flocks Healthy Sheep and Goats

Handbook Control of Parasite of Sheep

Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats

Sheep and Goat Rations

SheepBytes Ration Calculator

Forage Testing Laboratories

    Fraser Analytical in Abbotsford

    Down to Earth Labs in Lethbridge

     Parkland Laboratories in Edmonton

Canadian Verified Sheep Program

Traceability and Tagging in Sheep

Traceability and Tagging in Goats

Canadian Livestock Tracking System

BC Sheep Federation

BC Purebred Sheep Breeders' Association

Canadian Sheep Breeders Association

Canadian Sheep Federation

Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers Limited

British Columbia Goat Association

Canadian National Goat Federation

The Canadian Goat Society

Canadian Meat Goat Association