Advisory Committee: “Updating the SWMP requires regional participation through an advisory committee and public perception surveys. The advisory committee will be made up of members of the public, local government and technical representatives.

Who: The advisory committee will be made up of stakeholders with a vested interest in solid waste management in the Bulkley-Nechako Region such as; Municipal governments, First Nation Bands, residual waste and recycled material haulers, recycling facilities, Ministry of Environment, School Districts and institutions and also rural residents. The committee shall consist of no more than 15 members representing a diversity of backgrounds, interests and geographical locations.

What? The role of the advisory committee is to advise the Regional District on matters pertaining to solid waste management planning, typically including but not limited to the design and implementation of the consultation process, the development of guiding principles, terms of reference for any planning studies, review of reports from each planning step and the draft plan.

When?  The RDBN is working with a team of consultants that will guide the advisory committee through the planning stages. The Consultants will be facilitating the committee meetings to make sure the committee addresses all the key points that require consideration. It is proposed that the committee will be meeting in Burns Lake at the Regional District Office 4 times throughout January to June in 2018.

How?  If you are interested in sitting on the advisory committee please fill out the Advisory committee application form on or before December 15, 2017. RDBN Staff will select committee members from the written applications and provide recommendation to the RDBN Board for approval.


Meeting schedule

Workshop #1 (System Assessment) 

- January 24

Workshop  Webinar – (Options Overview)

– February 21*

Workshop #2 (Options Selection)   

- March 7

Workshop #3 (Financial Analysis – Teleconference)

– April 11

Workshop #4 ( Plan and Stakeholders)

– April 25

Workshop #5 (Summary or Public Consultation)

– July 18, 2018

  • Work shop summaries (what happened in each workshop i.e. main points, goals, visions)