Plan Monitoring Committee (PMC) Expression of Interest Application Form

Draft Terms of Reference for PMC


Solid Waste Management Plan Monitoring Committee

Who: The plan monitoring committee will be made up of stakeholders with a vested interest in solid waste management in the Bulkley-Nechako Region such as; Municipal governments, First Nation Bands, residual waste and recycled material haulers, recycling facilities, Ministry of Environment, School Districts and institutions and also rural residents. The committee shall consist of no more than 12 members representing a diversity of backgrounds, interests and geographical locations.

What? The Solid Waste Management Plan Monitoring Committee will be looking at:
* The progress made on the plan to date
 * Key topics and trends in the solid waste and recycling sectors and their impact on the region
 * Prioritizing and implementing projects and initiatives.

When?  There will be 2 meetings (2 to 3 hour duration) taking place every year for the next 5 years (possibly May & November or as needed). You will have an opportunity to review reports, provide feedback and participate in discussions related to the scope of this committee. Terms of Reference will be posted on the RDBN’s website for those interested. Please submit an Expression of Interest (see link at the top of this page) before October 23, 2019.

How?  If you are interested in waste management and recycling for our Regin, we invite you to be part of this process. Please fill out the Plan Monitoring Committee application form on or before October 23, 2019. RDBN Staff will select committee members from the written applications and provide recommendation to the RDBN Board for approval.