Screening Loads at RDBN Transfer Stations
WorkSafe BC regulations for asbestos that may be present in construction, renovation, and demolition waste (CRD) disposal will change some parts of your experience at RDBN Transfer Stations.
Garbage and debris will need to be screened for asbestos upon arrival to the Transfer Station. You can expect a conversation with our staff member at the entry point. Loads with CRD waste may be turned away if it is suspected to contain asbestos. Regular household waste and recycling will proceed as normal.
As we implement these changes, we ask that you be respectful of site staff. If you have any questions about asbestos disposal, please visit our website or call 1-800-320-3339.


What are the hazards of asbestos?
Renovating or demolishing buildings containing asbestos can release microscopic fibers, which can stay in the air for hours. Breathing in asbestos fibers may cause serious health problems, including lung disease and cancer.

For more information about asbestos disposal requirements, call 1-800-320-3339 or email
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