The tax rates are provided for those who have a working knowledge of property taxation in British Columbia. You can use the table to estimate tax rates applicable to a specific property or area. The more familiar you are with the area and local tax levies, the more accurate your estimate will be.

There are approximately 1,400 sets of tax rates across 70 rural jurisdictions in British Columbia. Jurisdiction numbers refer to old school district numbers and the name of the area specific to that jurisdiction, such as 701-FERNIE RURAL or 716-PENTICTON RURAL.

Some tax rates are consistent throughout the rural area, others vary by location. Within each jurisdiction, you will find tax rates by property class for provincial rural (general), provincial school, regional hospital, regional district and other local government functions.

There also may be a variety of local service fees, such as for fire protection, library, street lighting and regional-planning. Local services are often identified by the name of the community. You may wish to call your Regional District Chief Financial Officer to clarify which local services apply to your property or area.

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