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Grant in Aid Application

Organization (*)
Please let us know your name.
"must be submitted in the name of the non-profit organization that the cheque will be issued to"
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Project or purpose for which you require assistance: (*)
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To the best of my knowledge, all of the information that is provided in this application is true and correct. Furthermore, I hereby certify that this application for assistance is NOT being made on behalf of an individual, industry, commercial or business undertaking.
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Please describe the services/benefits that your organization provides to the community. Are these services/benefits available to the community from another organization or agency? (*)
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Describe the geographic area that receives services or benefits from your organization.
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Is your organization voluntary and non-profit?
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Please detail any remuneration paid, or funds otherwise made available to members, officers, etc. of your organization
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Please comment on the number of members/volunteers in your organization and how long your organization has been in operation
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Assistance is being requested for a (*)

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Other Purpose if any
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Please describe the proposal for which you are requesting assistance. If you are applying for an exemption from fees and/or charges or other consideration, please provide details or your request here. Attach additional information if required.
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Describe how this proposal will benefit the community
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SECTION 5 Funding and Financial Information

Attach supporting financial information

ie., budget/financial report. Ensure the following information is clearly itemized: - Total cost of project/proposal; - Grants/funding from other sources; - Funding contributed by applicant through funding raising activities or other sources of revenue; - Total expenses for the fiscal year, including any monies and/or benefits paid to members or officers.
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Have you applied for a grant/funding from other source(s)?
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If yes, complete the following. If not, please comment.
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Status of Grant Application4
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Have you received assistance (grant in aid/waiving of fees , etc.), from the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako in previous years? (*)
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If yes, complete the following chart
Year, Amount and Purpose for which assistance was used
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Year, Amount and Purpose for which assistance was used
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Does your organization
Offer direct financial assistance to individuals or families?
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Duplicate services that fall within the mandate of either
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a senior government or a local service agency?
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Provide an opportunity for individuals to make direct contributions?
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OR, is your organization: Part of a provincial or national fund raising campaign?
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Don’t forget to attach the required financial report.
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