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Building Inspection

The Regional District regulates the construction, alteration, repair or demolition of buildings and structures for the health, safety and protection of persons.  The Regional District has adopted Building Bylaw No. 1634, 2012 which provides for the regulation of building and requires a permit prior to building within the building regulation service area. 

The Regional District operates the  Building Regulation service in all of the electoral areas within the Regional District.  The Regional District also provides building inspection service for the Village of Burns Lake, Village of Fraser Lake, the Village of Granisle and the District of Fort St. James.

Click below to view Building Inspection Areas.  Yellow areas on map below show the Building Inspection Area.  Please contact a Building Inspector if you are unsure if you are in a building inspection area.

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Anyone constructing, altering, repairing, moving or demolishing a building within the defined building regulation service area may be required to first obtain a permit from the Building Inspectors.  Building permits may be required for:

  • New Construction                                   
  • Demolition
  • Renovations
  • Wood Heating Installation
  • Installing a Manufactured Home
  • Decks

Building permits are not required if the property is not within the building inspection area, or if the proposed building is only to be used for storage and is smaller than 25 square meters in size. Accessory buildings for farm use, on properties that are assessed as a farm by BC Assessment, also have certain exemptions.

Building Bylaw No. 1634, 2012

Building Permit Application Guide



Payment Methods

e-transfer to (Include in message box what you are paying for)

Cheque (by mail or at RDBN office in Burns Lake)

Debit (at RDBN office in Burns Lake)

Online Banking at CIBC or Credit Union only (Payee RDBN Utilities)

Credit Card through Option Pay (fees will apply)


                                            Contact Information

RDBN Mailing Address
PO Box 820
Burns Lake, BC

37 3rd Ave, Burns Lake


Jason Berlin, Senior Building Inspector

Steve Davis, Building Inspector

Daryn Larson, Building Inspector 

Fiona Richardson, Development Services Clerk