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The RDBN zoning bylaw is titled “Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Zoning Bylaw No. 1800, 2020.” In this bylaw land within the RDBN is assigned a specific zoning designation which specifies the permitted uses on the land; the density of those uses; and the number, size, and siting of buildings and structures on the land. Zoning also includes regulations regarding subdivision and parking requirements.

Zoning is the most important regulation used to manage the development of land and implement the goals and objectives of an Official Community Plan. However, if your development proposal does not comply with the zoning designation of your property, you can apply to rezone. When a rezoning application is made, the RDBN looks to the policies in the OCP to help evaluate the application to change the use of the land. If the proposal does not comply with the OCP, the rezoning application must also amend the OCP.

Zoning Bylaw 1800, 2020 Schedule A (Text Document)

List of Zoning Bylaw Amendments (Map and Text)

Zoning Bylaw 1800, 2020 Schedule B (Maps):

Electoral Area A

Electoral Area B

Electoral Area C

Electoral Area D

Electoral Area E

Electoral Area F

Electoral Area G