Hazard management is an important consideration in this region.  People living in a rural area may be subject to increased risks associated with flooding, wildfire, snowstorms, and loss of access and communications. These risks can be reduced by careful consideration of how land is used and developed.

FLOODPLAINS are lowland areas that are susceptible to flooding. The best precaution against flooding is to avoid building in floodplains.

FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT BYLAW The Regional District’s Floodplain Management Bylaw applies to all areas of the Regional District. This Bylaw specifies both elevation and setback requirements for certain buildings and structures to protect them from flood damage.

GEOTECHNICAL HAZARDS include slope instability, subsidence and weak soils. Check with the RDBN to determine if your property lies within a known hazard area. If a hazard is suspected, consider hiring a geotechnical engineer to evaluate the site. It is critical to manage these risks through appropriate site investigation, good building practices, and professional input.

EROSION from running water or waves can cause serious property and building damage. Protect shorelines by retaining natural vegetation. If an erosion problem exists, have it evaluated by an expert that can prescribe an appropriate remediation and protection strategy.