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About the Planning Department


The Planning Department’s responsibilities include a range of interconnected activities that can be divided into the following categories. 

  • Long Range Planning
  • Current Planning
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Building Inspection
  • Special Projects
  • Bylaw Enforcement

Long Range Planning includes the preparation, review, and administration of the Regional District’s seven Official Community Plans (OCPs).  It also includes the development of planning studies, policy development, and participation in the review of Provincial planning initiatives.

Current Planning involves the administration of the following land use and development related bylaws.

  • RDBN Zoning Bylaw No. 1800, 2020
  • RDBN Floodplain Management Bylaw No. 1878, 2020
  • RDBN Manufactured Home Park Bylaw No. 740, 1993
  • RDBN Development Procedures Bylaw No. 1898, 2020
  • RDBN Board of Variance Bylaw No. 1623, 2012
  • RDBN Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw No. 1501, 2009
  • RDBN Unsightly Premises Bylaw No. 1649, 2012

This work includes processing, evaluating and developing recommendations to the Regional District Board regarding the following land use and development applications:

  • OCP amendments and rezoning applications
  • development variance permit applications
  • temporary use permit applications
  • ALR  inclusion, subdivisions and non-farm use applications
  • liquor license applications
  • special event permit applications

The GIS function involves the digital storage, management, and mapping of spatial and other data, and management of house numbering.  This activity provides vital support to all Regional District departments.  Residents also rely on this service to obtain house numbering, maps, information on regulations, and other information regarding their property and community.   A recent addition to the responsibility of the GIS function is the maintenance of the RDBN’s web based mapping program. 

Building Inspection  involves implementation and enforcement of “RDBN Building Bylaw No. 1634, 2012” and “RDBN Floodplain Management Bylaw No. 1878, 2020” in the rural area, through the building permit and inspection process. 

The RDBN  provides building inspection services to the municipalities of Telkwa, Granisle, Houston, Burns Lake, Fort St. James, and Fraser Lake on a contract basis.

Bylaw Enforcement includes the activities necessary to ensure adequate compliance to Regional District land use, development, and building bylaws.  Activities include responding to and investigating public and internal complaints, working with the public to resolve bylaw infractions, reporting to the Board, and undertaking formal enforcement action through the Courts or as permitted through legislation.