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Shoreland Development

The protection of water quality and aquatic habitat is becoming an increasingly important issue in our region. Survey results from recent Official Community Plan reviews consistently show that the protection of the natural environment is important to the region's economy and quality of living. The promotion of ecologically sound development practices on waterfront properties can significantly lessen our impact on the natural environment while protecting the aesthetic and recreational values associated with lakes and watercourses. To this effect, the Regional District Board has adopted a Shoreland Development Strategy that details the status of the lakes in the Regional District, the Regional District's approach to the subdivision and use of waterfront property, and the Regional District's relationship with waterfront property owners.

Shoreland Development Strategy
Waterfront Development Brochure

A number of lakes within the region have been the subject of research by the BC Ministry of Environment, resulting in the following reports:

Burns and Decker Lakes Draft Management Plan 2002
Cluculz Lake Brochure 1999
Francois Lake Management Plan 2000
Fraser Lake Brochure 2002
Lake Kathlyn Management Plan (Rough Draft) 1995
Round Lake Brochure 2005
Round Lake Draft Management Plan 2004
Tchesinkut Lake Management Plan 2000
Tchesinkut Lake Creel Survey 2001
Tyhee Lake Management Plan 1999