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Emergency Information

The RDBN Emergency Operations Center (EOC) provides overall strategic coordination for emergency response for the Regional District Electoral areas during disasters. The EOC collects and analyzes data strategically to meet the following objectives:

  • provide for the safety and health of all responders;
  • save lives;
  • reduce suffering;
  • protect public health;
  • protect government infrastructure;
  • protect property;
  • protect the environment; and
  • reduce economic and social losses.

Current Emergency Information

Advisories, Hazard Notifications, Evacuation Alerts, Evacuation Orders

There is no Emergency Information at this time.


Do you require Sand and Sandbags?
The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako provides sand and sandbags to residents whose homes are under imminent threat from overland flooding. For Sandbag Request forms, click here.  For further information on sand and sandbags, please contact 250-692-3195.