Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Analysis

Advisory committees were established for each Electoral Area (EA) across the Regional District based on the Terms-of-Reference which outlines the purpose, commitment and duration and helped guide and focus of the HRVA Committees. The intent of the committees was to engage community members and subject matter experts in an interactive analysis of the HRVA for each EA in the Region. The committees met over a 24 month period to advise on the development of HRVA’s for each electoral area.

If you have any input you would like to provide, please contact Deborah Jones-Middleton, Director of Protective Services by e-mail Deborah.JM@rdbn.bc.ca or by phone: 250-692-3195.

Final RDBN HRVA Report
HRVA Banner.jpg

Area A HRVA; Final HRVA Report December 5, 2022     
Area B HRVA; Final HRVA Report November 29, 2022
Area C HRVA; Final HRVA Report February 24, 2023
Area D HRVA; Final HRVA Report February 3, 2023
Area E HRVA; Final HRVA Report February 7, 2023
Area F HRVA; Final HRVA Report February 16, 2023
Area G HRVA; Final HRVA Report January 27, 2023