Grant Writing Assistance Request

The RDBN has a Proposal writer on staff that can assist non-profit organizations in the following areas:

  • Identifying funding sources
  • Reviewing proposals
  • Planning projects
  • Writing grant applications

A representative from your non-profit organization can request assistance by filling out the online form.



Regional District of Bulkley‐Nechako Assistance includes:

  • Identify funding sources
  • Write funding applications with information provided by community group
  • Submit funding application to the community group for review before being submitted to funding organization
  • Submit funding application to the funding organization once authorized by community group
  • Keep the organization updated on status of application

*The RDBN is not responsible for project overruns and makes no commitment or guarantee to source additional funds.

Community Group Responsibility

  • Request support by filling out this Request for Assistance Form and submitting into the RDBN
  • Provide all necessary information and attachments in a timely manner to allow for the completion of the funding application by the deadline
  • All information must be up to date, accurate and truthful
  • Keep the RDBN updated in writing on the status of submitted grant applications and the status of your project
  • Complete all reporting requirements to the funding organization as required
  • Agree to utilize funding only for their initial project purposes
  • Understands it is very difficult to seek funding sources if the project has already started or is complete

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