GST/HST Rebates for British Columbia Non-Profit Organizations

Who Qualifies? – A non-profit organization whose percentage of government funding is at least 40% of its total revenue.

What Qualifies as Government Funding? – Money paid by a government grantor (federal, provincial, municipal or regional government) in support of the non-profit organization’s objectives but not to pay for services supplied by the non-profit organization to the grantor.

What is the Percentage Rebate? – 50% of federal part of the HST and 57% of the provincial part of the HST paid.

What are Eligible Expenditures? – GST/HST paid on the following expenditures for the non-profit organization’s non-commercial activities:

  • General operating expenses
  • Allowances and reimbursement paid to employees
  • Property and services used or consumed
  • Purchase or construction of capital property

Required Filings: Download Forms here

  • GST523-1 to establish the organization as a qualifying non-profit organization;
  • GST66 annual federal rebate form:
  • RC7066 annual provincial rebate form:

More Information – Publication RC4034 includes more information here.