The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako has formed a Broadband Committee with a vision that all citizens in the RDBN will have access to High Speed Internet.

The Committee is working with the RDBN Board to develop and implement an approved RDBN Broadband Strategy.

In order to create as informed a Strategy as possible, we need you!  Please take a minute or two to complete the Internet Performance Test and answer a few survey questions to help us understand your Connectivity experience in the RDBN.  Each submission is eligible to be entered to win a prize package from local businesses valued at over $200!



PLEASE NOTE - The Internet Performance Test data is most valuable when it is collected on multiple occasions at various times of day or year.  Please complete the test more than once, as the link will be open to collect data for a full year.  Each submission associated with a login for the Internet Performace Test is an eligible entry in the prize draw up to a maximum of 20 entries.  

We understand that there will be a difference between the CIRA’s test and other online tools like Speedtest.  The CIRA test by design is focused on the quality of the connection and undoubtedly will report slower results. It is meant to reflect the normal daily usage.  Other tests, which test the maximum possible speed, involve finding the closest possible server and running the test at optimal conditions.  We understand that the test does not reflect the capacity from a home to a provider’s network, but it is important for us to test what the real world performance is going to be to Facebook, Google, Apple or other applications that people normally use. 

For further information about the CIRA Internet Performance Test, and internet speed in general, please visit the FAQ page found here: CIRA FAQ Page

If you are interested in reading the first Phase of the RDBN Connecitvity Study, you can download the PDF here:

RDBN Broadband Study - July 2019


If you have any questions or comments about connectivity or our project, please feel free to contact the Regional Economic Development Coordinator here:

Contact Nellie Davis