Connectivity Logo.png Connecting the RDBN 

The RDBN is pursuing partnerships to ensure that all residents have access to high-speed internet and cellular connectivity.  Our Regional Connectivity Service Establishment will allow us to partner with ISPs to support the delivery of high-speed internet in our region. 

The Federal and Provincial governments announced several exciting projects on Monday, March 4, 2024 that will bring service to rural areas in the RDBN. We look forward to more annoucements and projects in the future. 

Several of the recently announced projects will be built and delivered by CityWest. 

If you are interested in receiving high-speed internet once the service is built, connect with CityWest at

For any other questions, please call the CityWest customer service team at 1-800-442-8664.

If you are interested in reading the first Phase of the RDBN Connecitvity Study, you can download the PDF here:

RDBN Broadband Study - July 2019


If you have any questions or comments about connectivity or our project, please feel free to contact the Manager of Regional Economic Development here:

Contact Nellie Davis